12 November 2015

What If I'm Wrong?

Took the below quote from an article in Backcountry Magazine regarding a Snow & Avalanche Workshop in Seattle.

Ask More Often: What If I’m Wrong?

Margaret Wheeler, the second woman in the U.S. to complete her IFMGA certification, also delved into uncertainty, discussing overconfidence and overexposure in the mountains. “Uncertainty is underrepresented in our decision-making process,” Wheeler said, suggesting we should do more to quantify what we don’t know before making a backcountry decision. “Ask: What is our list of uncertainties?” Wheeler said. “We have to match increased exposure with increased vigilance.”

Really interesting piece and I think we can borrow it here for either personal mountaineering/climbing/kayaking or as part of our professional guiding for mountaineering/climbing/kayaking.

Ask 'What If I'm Wrong' or 'What If Things Go Wrong' in terms of having some simple response actions planned in advance of something going wrong.

Nathan Kingerlee

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