10 May 2011

Barry's Sea Kayaking Updates

6th May
After sitting strong easterly winds over the last five days. Covered a small amount of coast today in a hefty force six wind behind which made it difficult to keep the kayak pointing in the right direction... Have made it to Benwee Head. A nice elderly gentleman sorted me out with five litres of well water to drink and cook with. He told me it will be the best water I'll ever taste. Time to set up camp and get dinner on. Then to bed before 8pm!

7th May
Challenging force six gusting force seven. Got twelve more miles covered today. Made it to Belberg Harbour, one step closer to Sligo. Cooking a feed of spuds or trying to! Strong winds tonight will put the tent Vaude gave me through it's paces.

9th May
Gale force winds yesterday and today so have not gone to sea. Spent the afternoon giving my thanks to the coastline by making a positive impact of picking up litter washed ashore. Not a pretty job but someone needs to do it! Let's make a conscious effort next time we're outdoors to collect some litter.

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