26 February 2011

Intern / Apprentice Wanted!

My Outdoors Ireland Team & I are planning to run an apprentice type program towards the end of this spring.

We are looking for someone to join Outdoors Ireland in Kerry as an intern/apprentice.

This person will be integrated fully into my adventure training company, working outdoors with Dave, Tadhg and Barry; working in the office with Ruth; and developing business/marketing concepts with myself, Nathan.

Our intern/apprentice will receive a wide range of specifically tailored training, nationally recognised adventure training courses and behind-the-scenes business training.

Our new Outdoors Ireland team member will be chosen from a group of interested participants, who will undertake a series of tasks and challenges; from assisting with leading groups outdoors, to developing a mock marketing plan for specific products we provide, to team work and communication skills.

The work contract will be fixed for a set period, such as six months, with the potential for full-time work...

Our intern/apprentice would need to have an interest in outdoor adventure, business, marketing and admin; although no previous experience is necessarily needed. They would need to be a hard worker and have a passion to excel!

Right now; I am looking for feedback and ideas from you in relation to how we should run our program, what we should offer our new apprentice and what challenges we should run to select this person...

Thanks, Nathan

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  1. I think a Fas Work Placement Programme could be a great way to do the Internship.
    Here is the link:

  2. I think you should advertise it on the Outdoor Ireland website aswell as on FÁS. Or even email some lecturers in college's that have courses such as Recreation and Leisure and ask them to let their students know. This way you know you will be advertising the position to people who have an interest in outdoor activities and sports.