7 February 2011

Devil's Ladder Gone To Hell

I've never seen the Devil's Ladder as dangerous and unstable as it is at the moment. There's a week-old mini landslide/rockslide 5m down from the top and about 30/40m down from the top of The Ladder is a huge boulder (the size of a small home heating oil tank) which has slipped several inches in the past weeks and is ready to slip a lot more.

I remember a year or two ago there was a time when it was very unstable, but this is the most dangerous I've seen it yet.

Hopefully this will be an opportunity for Mountaineering Ireland to step up to the mark and finally resolve issues for once and for all. Click Here To Read Their Recent Document

Recent Landslide At Top Of Devil's Ladder

Fresh Mini Landslide Debris

Large Boulder Slipped 2/3 Inches Over Past Days

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