25 August 2009

How Can We Improve?

I received some brilliant testimonials from happy people who have been out with me and my team. Click here to read them

What I'm really interested in now is how I can improve the services that myself, Daniel, Ferghal and Tadhg are offering?

How can we make things better and smoother for you, from the initial phone call or email all the way through to the end?

Any suggestions and comments would be highly appreciated...
Feel free to be as critical as you like as that will help us improve everything.


  1. Hi Nathan,

    It's a great idea that you're running a forum for outdoor gear on facebook. However, it appears that you have spelt swap incorrectly (swop). That's my contribution :-)


  2. I'm trying to think how you could improve and it's actually quite difficult as your service is very good. How you are with people is in the top 5 and you do that very well. Instruction is great. Hot drinks, good for bonding and warming, much appreciated thank you! Perhaps you could introduce games on your excursions. Of course i can only vouch for the kayaking as thats all i have tried so far. What about water volley ball with the paddles!! Sorry not very useful.....treasure hunts?..prize, free activity?
    all the best, Cait