30 June 2009

Dealing with Mountain or Water Incidents

Dealing with an Incident or Accident in the Mountains or Water

Mountain Incident

1. Personal & Group Safety
2. Assess Incident
3. Safely Exit the Mountain

1. Personal & Group Safety

  • Don't put yourself or anyone else in danger
  • Stay safe, warm, dry and in a safe location
  • Stay calm; think clearly and slowly

2. Assess Incident

  • Assess the situation and what needs to be done
  • Use all your equipment and improvise with whatever you can
  • Dial 112 for Mountain Rescue (write down what needs to be said first)
  • International Distress Signal (6 torch flashes or 6 whistle blasts)

3. Safely Exit the Mountain

  • If you can get safely off the mountain then do so
  • Expect a long wait if further rescue is needed
  • Call Mountain Rescue earlier rather than later
  • Stay together, don't separate your group

Water Incident

Water always has risk attached to it. If you're going out in a kayak, canoe or sit on top do a training course to learn techniques and rescues.

Be Able to Swim
Always Wear a Buoyancy Aid
Never Paddle Alone

1. Paddler Gets Cold: warm drink; snack; hat & gloves; fleece; wind proof top

2. Paddler Capsizes: paddler holds onto your boat, empty their boat; get paddler back into their boat quickly;

3. Paddler Struggling: slow down; positive encouragement; use a tow line

Click here for details of Mountain Skills Courses

Click here for details of Kayak Skills Courses

Preventing Mountain Incidents

Kayak X Rescue

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