7 November 2020

Three Step Scrambling & Mountaineering Training Program

I am delighted to announce a three step Scrambling & Mountaineering Training Program.

Details, plus dates for 2021, are here: www.outdoorsireland.com/scrambleskills.php

The aim of these three courses is to give you the skills, techniques and safety awareness to become more adventurous in the mountains; tackling rocky steps, rocky ridges and mountaineering routes.

You can approach this by completing a two-day Scramble Skills 1, followed by a two-day Scramble Skills 2.

Or, as a complete beginner, you can book directly onto Learn To Lead Scramble In Six Days. This six-day mountaineering course takes you from beginner to safe and competent lead scrambler; including giving you two days of proper ridge scrambling experience.

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