30 October 2019

Broken Finger & Useful Mittens

Had a student with a broken finger on a recent bushcraft course. Cleaned it with plenty of clean water, then couple of plasters over the wound, and some surgical tape to splint broken finger to a good finger. Thankfully he wasn't in much pain - fair play to you Gavin!

Obviously spare/emergency gloves and spare/emergency hat in your backpack should be pretty standard - hopefully! But you can see here the bonus of using mittens instead of gloves. Imagine trying to fit a broken/splinted finger into a pair of regular gloves. These were €10 lidl mittens. Mittens are a super way to keep an injured hand warm and protected once first aid has been done.

People often say to me that mittens are clumsy, but I've found with practice most things still possible, including tying laces, tying knots and sending a text message!

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