17 April 2019

Moving Safely Over Steep/Exposed/Rocky Mountainside (From Mountain Skills 2 Syllabus)

Moving Safely Over Steep/Exposed/Rocky Mountainside:

Break the mountainside into small pieces. Look to move through each piece via 'ramps', 'gullies' and 'steps'. Each piece should finish in a 'safe haven' where you can assess the next piece.

No matter how comfortable you are in terrain within a 5 meter radius of you; zoom out and look at what is below you, for example a cliff; or above you, for example possible rockfall.

Here are six good questions to ask before tackling each piece of steep ground:
1. Could we do this?
2. Should we do this?
3. What is the likelihood of a slip?
4. What is the consequence of a slip?
5. If we scramble over this piece can we also scramble back, if necessary?
6. Can I see a way on and out; or are we doing something tricky/risky/time consuming - only to have to backtrack?

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