10 December 2018

Take Your Time Starting Your Fire

When it comes to lighting a fire, people often have a tendency to get a spark/flame going, then urgently start seeking for kindling and firewood; building their fire while it is actually burning. Running around and often running short of kindling, so their fire peters out!

You are much better off spending one to three hours carefully preparing your fire. All your tinder, kindling and firewood built up into a pyramid-lay.

If you spend three hours preparing your fire pit, tinder, fuel and fire-lay it is highly unlikely to fail.

Remember, especially in our dampish climate, you can never have enough tinder and kindling to begin with.

Having your fire amply built before a spark goes into it means there is no frantic running around, no putting down and loosing your fire striker, no wet knees and blowing into the fire, no burnt fingers, no red eyes and no stress!

Also with inherent dampness in your fuel, the outer fuel will begin to dry out from the heat of the inner fire.

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