3 November 2016

Bushcraft Skills 1 & Bushcraft Skills 2 Syllabus

Bushcraft Skills 1 Syllabus : Two-Day Course With Overnight

Bushcraft V Survival
Bushcraft Circle
Survival Pyramid
Rule Of Three
Order Of Priority
Survival Kit

Efficient Movement
Leave No Trace
Resource Considerations
Water Considerations
Toilet Considerations
Knife Skills
Debris Shelter
Temporary Shelter
Fire Building
Fire Cooking
Water Sterilization
Wood Ash Uses
Wood Charcoal Uses
Pine Tree Uses
Sphagnum Moss Uses
Wild Foraging

Bushcraft Skills 2 Syllabus : Two-Day Course With Overnight

Camp Setup
Fire Building
Fire Pyramid Lay
Fire Horizontal Lay
Fire Star Lay
Fire Cooking
Fire Tripod
Pot Hook
Pot Hanger
Tarp Shelter
Swamp Fire
Swamp Shelter
Lean To Shelter

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