4 May 2016

Foraged, Caught & Cooked Springtime Menu

Here is a pretty delicious springtime dinner menu we foraged and cooked up last week on a 'swamp fire'...

1. Red Ants (Juicy & Citrusy)
2. Spruce Needle Tea
3. Soup Of Nettle Leaf & Stag Horn Moss
4. Salad Of Dandelion Leaf, Bramble Bud, Hawthorn Bud & Gorse Flower
5. River Trout Caught On Hand Lines; Stuffed With Two Types Of Wild Sorrel, Cooked In Sphagnum Moss;
6. Young Bracken Fiddle Heads, Boiled For Thirty Mins
7. Dandelion Root Coffee

A later desert is crab apple and rosehip stew; slowly simmered on the edge of a fire in just enough water, until it turns into a jelly type mixture.

A wild foraging tip I sometimes give people is to carry some small restaurant sachets of salt, sugar and ketchup - which can all be added to your different dishes.

Nathan Kingerlee - Outdoors Ireland

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