18 February 2016

Fire Tripod For Cooking, Fuel Drying & Gear Drying

Here is a fire tripod with cooking options, fuel drying and gear drying. No cordage used. This took two hours to build including finding the appropriate material, which was green hazel and green willow.
Begin with three forked uprights. The other forks in the uprights are necessary for this design, so finding the right material can take time. I find hazel and willow especially good for their abundant forks.

Self standing and self locking tripod using the natural forks.
Begin to place the mid height horizontal supports.
Cut a notch into one of the mid height horizontal supports.
Use natural forks for holding the horizontal supports in place.
All three horizontal supports in place.
A longer stronger pole laid across the tripod to hang pots from. I call this the pot hanger.

Notch one end of pot hanger also.
One end of pot hanger fitted into position to prevent slippage when pots are in use.
Two pots in use from pot hanger.
Another pot hanging from tripod for more gentle cooking.
This is an extra cooking device I call a pot pole.
Notch end of pot pole pretty deeply.
Carve two simple pegs.
Position pot pole like so over fire, either for gentle cooking at ember edge, or hard cooking at ember base. Stones can be used instead of pegs for securing pot pole.

Tripod in use with three different ways of hanging pots.
Gear drying over fire, especially effective once flames die and ember base increases.
Kindling and fuel drying. Placed into your shelter once dry as you never know when it will rain next!
A nice hazel poker.
Packed away ready for another day. While not practical to carry this if traveling on foot; on a canoe expedition I find it really useful to carry in the canoe stern and quickly assemble each evening at camp.

The overall sturdy design also allows it to be lifted on and off the fire as and when you require it.

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