23 December 2015

Bushcraft Survival Tin

Small Pocket Size Tin

Packed Tight With Cotton Wool In Any Spaces

1. Polished Lid For Signaling

2. Emergency Knife

3. Fire Striker

4. Cotton Wool (For Tinder Starting)

5. Cord

6. Fishing Hooks

7. Fishing Line

8. Fishing Weight

9. Safety Pins

10. Candle

11. Solar Powered Torch

Ideally you are hitting the wilds with more equipment than this; including a larger/fixed blade knife, water container and cooking pan. However with enough practice and skill this small tin of equipment will provide so much for you.

With this tin you have the equipment to make shelter, make fire, make fishing rod, make snare, make mattress, make blanket, fix gear and signal for help.

Nathan - Outdoors Ireland

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