13 October 2015

Wood Sorrel & Rosehip Pesto

Delicious Wild Wood Sorrel
Rosehips - Amazing Source Of Vitamin C, Containing Twenty Times More Vitamin C Than An Orange. Also Good For Sore/Achy Joints & Osteoarthritis

1. Gather two cups of fresh wood sorrel
2. Gather approx ten rosehips, which need to be de-seeded with a knife. Increase or decrease rosehip amount according to taste.
3. Place in a jug; along with one chopped garlic clove, three tablespoons of almond nuts/walnuts/pine nuts, quarter teaspoon of salt, quarter cup of olive oil, quarter cup of grated cheese.
4. Blend all together
5. Sprinkle some extra larger chopped rosehips on top of pesto for decoration and also a burst of sweetness

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