15 September 2015

Bushcraft Survival Tip: Seashore Foraging

Bushcraft Survival Tip:
One hour of seashore foraging in rock pools last week, at low tide.

Crabs; two little fish; two nice sized shrimp - all caught by hand.

Quick boil in fresh water or salt water. Plenty of food for two people for a meal, and this is without cooking up all the edible seaweeds.

Catching the fish by hand is done by cornering them into the narrow/shallow end of a rock pool and then flicking them out onto the rocks/sand.

Catching the shrimp by hand is done by a very slow, then very quick, hand snatch. You can also part net them with your hat; if you are happy to sacrifice your warm dry hat. Not advisable to net them if you just have one hat; or no way of drying it easily such as beside your cooking fire.

Caught three more fish also, but put them back as they were a little too small, in terms of responsible foraging.


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