16 April 2015

Dawn & Sunrise Kayaking On The Lakes Of Killarney

We have some truly magical and awe-inspiring Dawn & Sunrise Kayak Tours planned on the Lakes Of Killarney; some also to coincide with full moon. The price is €55 per person. The three hour trip is completely beginner friendly and you will be provided with all the gear needed to keep you warm and dry!

Whether you experience a dazzling orange and gold sunrise over Ross Castle and the Kerry mountains; or a mysterious grey and misty dawn over the ancient oak woods and ruins of Innisfallen Abbey; this is a pretty special trip.

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Here is a recent Trip Advisor review on our new trip:

''Magical misty morning on the lake. Loved this 3 hour experience with Outdoors Ireland. We started out in the early still-dark morning, under the expert guidance of Nathan. Watching castle and monastery and swans emerge as the sky lightened. With the constant backdrop of dramatic mountains, there is a strong sense of medieval Ireland. And in case anyone is worried, kayaking is easy peasy! It's fun, it gives you a unique perspective from the water (which was after all how most traveling was done), Nathan relates some pleasantly creepy historic stories en route, and there are moments of real peace paddling or drifting on the lake.''

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Fri 25th Sep - Full Moon
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