4 September 2014

Weely Update @ Outdoors Ireland

Tired this week for some reason. Stunning day outside; Lakes of Killarney glassy calm. Hoping a kayak trip comes in so I can get on the water.

Jason, Mark and MJ finishing up their summer full-time work and I'm back to covering most of the bookings and running the office from next week. Really looking forward to working back outdoors for the autumn/winter and enjoying the first crisp frosts!

IT issues nearly sorted. I love Lenovo laptops and find them brilliant to work with but after the customer care of the past two weeks I really do not recommend Lenovo or Digital River. Terrible to deal with. Anyway that's my rant for the week!

On a more positive note I briefly bumped into Jim Kennedy this morning and if you are ever in West Cork, looking to go sea kayaking check him out...

Enjoy our September summer. That's all for now, Nathan

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