26 November 2013

Keep Your Skills Refreshed & Progressing

As an initiative to keep our training course participants on top of their skills we are offering the option of returning to us on the same training course free of charge at a later date.

Skills can become rusty; it can be hard to find partners to get outdoors with; the motivation to progress can be difficult if you feel your current skills aren't at their best...

So for example if you complete a Kayak Skills Course or a Learn To Rock Climb Course with us and a year later feel like you have lost most of those skills, you are welcome to join the same course again free of charge.

There will be some exceptions but we will apply this to as many of our training courses and as many of our clients as possible.

It will be dependant on us having a free place left on a training course for you to join, and may change if a last minute booking comes in.

Learn To Lead Climb Course In Burren/Galway

Mountain Skills 2 Steep Ground Work

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