4 January 2013

Night Kayak Trip In Kinvara

Great night kayak trip last night on Kinvara Bay. Everyone was wearing two wetsuits, so stayed extremely warm! Surprising amount of light/visibility, despite no moon. Windy at start, calming down majorly later.

We crept quietly between the dark islands, sliding over large expanses of floating seaweed, listening to the night-time calls of curlews, heading for the friendly lights of Kinvara Village and the illuminated Dunguaire Castle.

Moored boats loomed suddenly at us through the darkness, quite hard to see. Eerie mist hovering about a foot above the water which meant with a torch turned on it was quite difficult to see much, and visibility was actually better with no torch-light.

Next trip is next Friday 11th Jan. Click Here For More Details

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