20 November 2012

Expanding To Galway - Step 11

Summer's over! Autumn has nearly passed in a flash and the icy fingers of winter are creeping over the darkening nights.

While still running the office; I am also really enjoying being back outdoors, working with clients, moving trailers and washing wetsuits.

Our winter season is always quieter then the summer; so the summer team, including Barry, Jason and Henry, have pretty much finished up apart from weekend work or big bookings. I am trying to do as much work as possible and keep our costs down for the time being.

On reflection our Killarney operation suffered a little this year. I have a feeling that some people and places thought we had shut up shop and left Killarney, as opposed to opening a second base. Killarney is the backbone of the business and I need to work hard to make it clear that we are still very much alive and kicking in Killarney. Two exciting plans are in the pipeline for Killarney from next spring onwards, if everything goes to plan. More on this as they become a little more finalised.

We are into Rock Climbing Training and Mountain Skills season, with some private training days thrown in. Hoping to make a weekly Night Kayak Trip on Kinvara Bay each Friday at 6pm; always guaranteed to run, even if there is just one person booked. This is a pretty special trip taking in the night-time sounds and lights of Kinvara Town and Dungaire Castle!

The past year has been great for reinforcing some important lessons like keeping things simple, safe and efficient; not overstretching resources and getting carried away with big fancy plans. As more office time comes available it is back to the drawing board now, re-assessing the past year, looking for improvements, looking at how we can become more efficient, plus some team training. Our team training, which I need to plan out shortly, will look at some more complex rescue scenarios, advanced coaching and debriefing skills, plus developing our history and storytelling!

Expanding To Galway - Step 11
Autumn In Muckross, Overlooking Torc Mountain

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