19 October 2012

Lead Climbing Participant Learning Points

Lead Climbing Participant Learning Points From Our Part 1 Of Our Lead Climbing Course In Kerry

Clove Hitch
Figure Of 8 & Stopper Knot
Rope Coiling
Where To & How To Place Slings
Crabs Closed & Facing Up
Setting Up A Lead Climb
Crab Clove, Crab Clove, Crab Clove
Clipping Into Figure Of 8 Loop
Balancing Rope From Lead Climb Set Up
Climbing Terminology

Climbing Techniques:
1. Lay Back
2. Crimp
3. Smear
4. Jug
5. Placing & Removing Gear

How To Tie Prussic Knot
Abseiling & Prussic
Using Prussic As Gear Placement

Helmet On: Tight So Won’t Move
Harness On: Check Buckles, Fitting OK, Can Just About Fit Fist Between Harness & Stomach, Must Be Over Hips
Gear Check With Partner
Figure Of 8 Between Loops On Harness, Loop To Be Quite Small
Test Anchor Point By Look, Touch, Kick, Push. Listen For Vibrations, Place Anchor With Crab Facing Out & Up
Place At 45 Degrees From Belay Point
Clip & Clove Each Individual Anchor Point
Adjust Clove Hitches To Allow You To Reach Belay Point
Inform Climber You Are Safe When Anchor In Position Correctly
Take Slack
When Climber Tied In - Climb When Ready
When Climber Tops Out - Direct Him Which Way To Go & How Far Back - Keep On Belay
When Safe - Inform & Take Off Belay
Undo System Starting With Last Clove Hitch
Don’t Untie Until All Anchors Are Removed & You Are Safe

Lead Climbing Participant Learning Points

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