20 September 2012

What Are The Essential Irish Hill Walking Skills?

It can be a little daunting sometimes to leave the foot-paths behind and venture into open hills and mountains, especially when perhaps the responsibility is on you to get yourself safely home at the end of the day!

Here are the things I'd suggest to become self-sufficient, competent and confident...

1. Have The Correct Equipment
Food : Water : Flask : Laminated Map : Spare Map? : Silva Type 4 Compass : Spare Compass? : First Aid Kit : Double Survival Bag/Bivvy Bag : Kissu/Group Shelter : Walking Poles? : Hat/Gloves & Spares : Back Pack : Bin Bag/Rucksack Liner : Walking Boots (With Ankle Support) : Waterproofs : Breathable Clothing & Layers : Spare Fleeces : Torch & Spare Batteries : Whistle : Phone : Watch

2. Know How To Use This Equipment Properly

3. Complete A First Aid Course
Wilderness First Aid/Remote Emergency Care Level 2

4. Be Able To Read A Map & Compass Plus Navigate, Both In Good Weather & Bad Weather
Mountain Skills Training

5. Plan Your Approximate Route Before You Leave Home & Leave A Route Plan Behind With Someone
Specifically Look At Route Length, Weather Forecast, Route Hazards, River Crossings & An Escape Route

6. Get Out & Practice In A Safe Environment, Ideally With A Couple Of Other Like-Minded People

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What Are The Essential Irish Hill Walking Skills?

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