4 January 2011

Can Anyone Give This A Caption?


  1. oh grrreat! doggy paddling it is then..

  2. I would be interested in buying a kayak! :-)

  3. ....The Old Sea-Dog himself...!!!

  4. Nathan, I wonder would running a comp with Secondary and perhaps even primary schools be worth a shot - get them to come up with ideas for using or recycling the kayaks?? what would they turn them into?? and a prize could be a trip out for a team of 6 pupils on the new fleet. You might get a heap of kids looking to go on placement with you for work experience!!

    Alternatively just selling them would be worthwhile too, as it always seems to be hard to find a decent 2nd hand kayak. I'd be interested in one, the yoke i have is the size a whale.

    Re-use recyling etc of the kayaks ties in with yoru Green Award also.

    I better get back to work!! Regards Lorraine Flanagan

  5. Hey,

    If the kayaks are still sound, then maybe there is a youth club or a school that could sorely use them for activities?