17 April 2009

Vision Impaired Hiking, Canoeing & Rock Climbing

Hike through the rustling woodlands of Killarney National Park; explore the rocky Kerry Way; canoe across the lapping waters of Lough Leane or experience the fun of rock climbing. These simple pleasures are accessible to everyone and are a great way of keeping fit and healthy as well as experiencing a wonderful sense of well being.

The great thing about outdoor activities is that up to all five senses can be stimulated; from the feeling of warm sunshine or soft rain on your face, to the sound of splashing waves; from views over ice-carved countryside or black mountain lakes, to the tangy taste of wood sorrel in your mouth, or sharp smell of pine forests.

Tailored for individuals, families and groups, with partial or full sight loss.

For more details contact Nathan on info@outdoorsireland.com or 086 860 45 63.

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