20 September 2007

Rescuing A Kayak - X Rescue

You can use an X Rescue to empty a kayak of water and help someone back into the kayak, without coming to shore.
1. The person in the water is your priority. Make sure they are ok. Get them to hold onto the front of your kayak and get them to hold both their paddle and your paddle.

2. Get the front of the capsized kayak and pull it across the front of your kayak, keeping it upside down and against your stomach.

3. Rock the capsized kayak from side to side to empty all water. If there are extra people they can help you with the rocking.

4. Flip the capsized kayak upright and slide it into the water.

5. Hold both kayaks tightly, side by side, and help the person in the water to climb back in.

This should be practiced in safe, shallow water, close to the shore.


  1. Thanks for sharing this info.

    Really helped me!!

  2. It isnt as easy as you make it sound!

  3. What part of the X-Rescue do you find tricky? Maybe there's a way around it...