8 July 2007

Low Brace

The Low Brace is used to prevent your kayak capsizing.
To practice it you need to be sitting securely in your kayak.

1. Hold your paddle across your stomach.
2. Point your elbows up towards the sky (like a gorilla).
3. Lean your kayak towards the water, as if you’re capsizing.
4. Splash the paddle down onto the surface of the water, on the side that you’re capsizing onto.
5. Using your knees and hips, flick the kayak upright away from the water.
6. As you splash the paddle down, also push it forwards and out of the water.

The hip flick is just as important as the paddle splash. To practice the hip flick sit in your kayak on the water and rock from side to side doing bigger and bigger rocks.

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