27 July 2020

Mountain Skills 3 Syllabus

Mountain Skills 3 Syllabus
This is a non-official training course, only approved and certified by Outdoors Ireland and not Mountaineering Ireland. Course Directed By Nathan Kingerlee. This can follow on from Mountain Skills 1 and Mountain Skills 2; or can be completed as a stand alone course.

The two-day course covers the skills and techniques for scrambling ropework in the Irish and UK mountains.

Harness & Helmet
Rope Carrying
Rope Flaking
Rope Coiling
Tying In
Body Belaying From Above
Body Belaying From Below
Leading A Step
Seconding A Step
Placing Runners
Removing Runners

Safe Start
Safe Wrap
Safe Communication

Sling Anchor
Hex Anchor
Wire Anchor
Moving Together
Emergency Lower
Emergency Abseil

Route Card - Escape Route

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